Sascha Mahlke

Center of Human-Machine-Systems
Technische Universität Berlin

Franklinstr. 28/29, Sekr. FR2-6
10587 Berlin, Germany

email: sascha.mahlke (at)

Sascha Mahlke



Currently, I am working as a Director User Experience at USEEDS° in Berlin, Germany. Before, I was a UX lead and senior user researcher there. USEEDS° provides services for user centered thinking in three areas: Design°, Strategy° and Know-How°.

From 12/07 to 10/08, I was a user researcher with D-LABS in Potsdam, Germany. D-LABS develops innovative and useful concepts for software products and IT-services. Occasionally, I posted about interesting news, ideas and opinions on the D-LABS blog.

I was a PhD student at the Research Trainig Group Prospective Interaction Design from 10/2004 to 11/2007. In my project I worked on theories, methods and empirical studies on users' experience of interaction with interactive products and systems. My supervisors were Prof. Dr. Manfred Thüring, chair of Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics at TU Berlin, and Prof. Dr. Lucienne Blessing, former chair of Engineering Design and Methodology at TU Berlin and now vice-rector for research at the University of Luxembourg. I was sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

From 11/2006 to 03/2007 I visited the Human Oriented Technology Lab (HOT Lab) at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Prof. Dr. Gitte Lindgaard, Chair of User-Centered Product Design, supported the work on my thesis. My stay was supported by the German Academic Exchange Service.

Before joining the Prospective Interaction Design Group, I worked as a research scientist at the Center for Human-Machine-Systems from 07/2003 to 12/2004 on different industry projects for Volkswagen AG Group Research in the field of driving assistance as project manager (NightVision, Warning strategies and driver fatigue, project director: Prof. Dr. Manfred Thüring). From 11/2002 to 06/2003 I coordinated together with Prof. Dr. Leon Urbas, now chair of Process Control Engineering at TU Dresden, as part of the MoDyS Research Group the development of the project proposal for the Research Trainig Group Prospective Interaction Design. That time I was sponsored by the Technische Universität Berlin.

From 04/1996 to 09/2002 I studied Psychology at the Institute of Psychology and Ergonomics at Technische Universität Berlin. I was as a research student at MoDyS Research Group from 06/2001 to 09/2002 working on task analysis methodology for user modeling and supervised the video analysis laboratory, sponsored by VolkswagenStiftung. I also worked at eye square GmbH from 08/2000 to 01/2002 in the area of usabilty testing and research. Eye square is a Berlin-based, internationally-active market research institute with a focus on usability testings and expert reviews and is a leading provider of eye tracking analysis in market research.


Current Research Activities

  • User Experience Strategy
  • User Centeret Product Innovation: Research Methods, Ideation, Scoping
  • Improving user research methods to support interaction design
  • Agile Experience Design and Lean UX


Research Interests

  • Innovation and design research
    • Innovation and UCD
    • User-driven innovation
    • Methods & Processes
  • Design research
    • Contextual inquiry in software design projects
    • Synthesis of contextual data for design
    • Improving contextual design techniques
  • Beyond usability: experience of interaction
    • Quality of product use: non-instrumental qualities (aesthetic and symbolic aspects)
    • Emotional experiences in HCI
    • Psychophysiological methods in interactive contexts
    • User experience and motivation
  • Usability Research
    • Grounding usability methods in theory
    • Application of usability approaches in the design of in-vehicle information systems
  • Domains
    • Software / web applications
    • Consumer electronic products
    • In-vehicle information systems




Books and book chapters

  • Mahlke, S. & Lemke, I. (2009). Erleben von Interaktion. In G. Spehr (Ed.), SOUND STUDIES. Funktionale Klänge. Berlin: transcript-Verlag (pp.245-260).
  • Mahlke, S. & Minge, M. (2008). Consideration of Multiple Components of Emotions in Human-Technology Interaction. In Ch. Peter & R. Beale (Eds.), Affect and Emotion in HCI (LNCS 4868). Berlin: Springer.
  • Mahlke, S. (2008). User Experience of Interaction with Technical Systems. Theories, Methods, Empirical Results, and Their Application to the Design of Interactive Systems. Saarbrücken, Germany: VDM Verlag.
  • Pataki, K., Schulze-Kissing, D., Mahlke, S. & Thüring, M. (2005). Anwendung von Usability-Maßen zur Nutzeneinschätzung von Fahrerassistenzsystemen. In K. Karrer, B. Gauss, B. & Ch. Steffens (Eds.), Beiträge zur Mensch-Maschine-Systemtechnik aus Forschung und Praxis (pp. 211-228). Düsseldorf: Symposion.

Peer-reviewed conferences

Other conferences

Position Papers and Workshop Contributions





Supervised Theses / Mentoring


Teaching / Mentoring

  • BTK Berlin (User-Centered Design Course, Summer 2010)
  • Research Training Group prometei @ Berlin University of Technology (Mentoring)
  • Center of Excellence "Cognitive Interaction Technology" (CITEC) @ Bielefeld University (Mentoring)